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Minutes of the AGPU held at the Rickard Arms, Treforest on 10th January 2010


Half Hour, Vamp, Horse, Farty Pants, Daffy Dildo, Sandy Vulva, PC, Phallus, Dad, Nail, Garmin, Spell Checker, Hayden, Whiffy, Turtle, Rawhide, Waste of Apples, G String

Cardiff Hashers arrived to be given tickets to Daffy’s Round House Lottery to determine who shared crash space with whom, only time would tell who would stay the pace and make it to their allotted slot.

The AGPU started off with a 3 course repast, washed down with ale and wine that was enjoyed by all – although the chef did seem a little bemused by the copious amount of custard that were requested and consumed.  Fortunately no extra charge was incurred.

The so called serious part of the evening opened with a report from the GM of a very satisfactory year for the Cardiff Hash, events included a successful hash camp in June 2009 and a memorable 25th Birthday dinner at Miskin Manor in October 2009. It has been reported that both venues were given consideration for further events, so 2009 must be a milestone year – Cardiff Hash weren’t banned from anywhere!!

Sunday runs had suffered from low numbers of runners so a suggestion for Monday evening runs in the summer was proposed, to be voted on as a later agenda item.

The following awards were agreed:

Run No

Revised Awards


Pewter Tankard


100th Sweatshirt


Engraved glass tankard


300th Sweatshirt


400th Fleece

Half Hour stood down as GM and nominated Horse, who was duly seconded and voted in.  The committee thanked Half Hour for his dedicated service as GM.

Hash Cash Report from Vamp showed a healthy balance of funds.

  • £100 deposit had been paid for Hash Camp 2010
  • The 25th Birthday dinner was subsidised by Hash funds
  • Run subs were down by £50
  • Annual subs were ok
  • Haberdashery funds were up £65

Budget for 2010:

  • Hash Camp was booked for June, full numbers for the hostel will be needed to break even.
  • It was proposed to subsidise the next birthday event to celebrate the 26th year.
  • It was proposed that annual subs stayed at £10
  • £1 per run for members
  • £2 per run for non-members
  • 50p per run for under 18’s if the parents/guardians wanted the run to be counted for stats.


Hash Cash reported a bank balance of £952.62

Election of Mismanagement 2010

GM – Horse
Hash Cash – Vamp
Hare Razor – Sandy
Curate – Daffy
Aleing – Hayden
On Sec – Spell Checker
Haberdashery – Half Hour
Hash Flash – Sandy
Hash Horn – Hayden
Web Master – Silva Surfer

As retiring RA, Farty Pants, appropriately attired with ‘Rod Stewart’ wig and ‘Dolly Parton’ cleavage, very elegantly awarded the following Oscars:

Half Hour – Imodium Award for most runs
Vamp – Hash Cash Award
Vamp & PC– joint Most Hares Award
Horse – Lost Keys Award
Daffy – Lonely Goat Turd Award
Sandy – Hash Personality of the Year
PC – Hasher previously known as Ponce Charming Award
Phallus – Use By Date Award
Garmin – Pooh award for hasher previously known as Winnie
Spell Checker – Walkers Award
Hayden -  New Boot Award
Whiffy & Turtle – joint Tail Enders Award
Rawhide & Waste of Apples – joint Long Distance Hashers Award
G String – Wettest Trail Award

The final item on the agenda was a vote on summer runs being changed to Monday evenings.  This was marginally voted in, the deciding vote going to Phallus.

The evening’s official business drew to a close and several hashers headed for home, leaving those still thirsty to mop up the subsidised bar and carry on the frivolities.

It was reported that Daffy took those who still had the use of their legs after midnight on a pub crawl, and introduced her friends David, David, David and David to the landlord of her local haunt.  PC was last seen wearing pink tights, but on which part of his body we don’t know?  The Round House gave sanctuary to the few hashers that managed to stay the pace (mostly named David)!