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CH3 in its 30th year are pleased to present the 888th trail (click here for details and booking form).  10 years after Interhash Cardiff it is time to come back and see the city in a more intimate setting. The Theme will be Pirates of the South China Sea's.  Following the great Cardiff tradition of taking two perfectly good themes and combining them into something ridiculous.

The full price for the event is £88.80.  Early birds will get this for £77.70 as long as we have payment before May 1st 2014. The event is limited to 100 so please forward a deposit of £20 (or the full amount) to secure a spot.

This is a 4-day event from Thursday 7th August until Sunday 10th August.  We are also an official post lube to Brussel's Interhash 2014.  There is 3 nights camping with supper, picnics and breakfast included as well as lots of beer, cider and wine! 

On Thursday there is a choice! - there will be a Brewery trail hosted by Bras and Pants from Scotland, or a Taff Bash for those cranky bashers amongst us?  There will be a pub quiz with lots of prizes and supper in the evening.  On Friday morning there will be a full range of breakfasts to please all tastes (and Bellies). Later that day the amazing 888th trail will set off down the Taff trail toward Cardiff taking in several hostelries en route (A la SMEG with the Great Horse leading us forward). There is a train for those who find the silly business of running too strenuous!?  Later that evening (8pm on the 8th day of the 8th month to be precise) there will be a group toast and the commencement of the evenings entertainments which will include both paid talent and the sort you can't give away! This will be the Chinese themed evening and see if you can guess what will be for supper?

Survivors will have another sumptuous breakfast cooked lovingly by the committee the following day.  We will then have a non too long trail as we need to get back for the Pirate Games on Saturday afternoon.  Fueled by beer and picnic we expect to see some great performances?  There will be time for a siesta before the evening's entertainment kicks off again.  This time we will open up the stage to visitors for any performance.  There will be the facility to organise any backing music required for singing.  Later there will be crooning to accompany the grand pirate feast (Hog Roast) before the smoochy numbers take over and you can try and find your existing or intended partner for a dance or just take whatever is leftover?

Assuming you wake up on Sunday there will again be breakfast followed not too hastily by a hangover trail and the completion of any remaining beer before we depart for other destinations. You will take with you goody bags, which will have a T-shirt of epic proportions (to accommodate even our largest participants) and sporting a classic design to remind you of the event.