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Hashing is the modern equivalent of the old PAPER  CHASE.  Hashing is social jogging for both the unfit and the fit of any age. If you can jog or walk/jog or even run between 3 to 5 miles hashing could be for you.

Runs take place on alternate Sundays throughout the year, commencing at 11.00 a.m. We are usually back warm and dry in the pub by 12.30 p.m. We sometimes share a trail with our neighbours – Mountin’ Sheep Hash House Harriers (which runs in the Brecon Beacons/Abergavenny area) and Swansea Hash House Harriers. Anyone (well behaved dogs included) is welcome to just turn up to a Cardiff Hash House Harriers run (Run schedule). All you need is a pair of trainers and suitable running kit plus a change of clothes for after the run. The first run is free. Thereafter a run subscription of £1 is paid. This pays for awards for those Hashers who reach  50, 100, 150 etc. runs. It's a great way to explore Wales!

The trail is indicated with blobs of flour. These are laid in advance by one or two HARES. The trails usually follow country footpaths, bridleways and lanes etc. There are CHECKS (indicated by a circle of flour) every few hundred metres where the slower HOUNDS can catch up and/or rest. The CHECKS allow the faster runners to run further in trying to find the correct TRAIL. The aim of the CHECKS and occasional FALSE TRAILS is to ensure that all get the degree of exercise that they wish, yet allow slow and fast HARES to be in close proximity for most of the hash. Every one should finish about the same time because hashing IS NOT A RACE.Most of our runs commence and finish at a pub with good beer somewhere in South/South East Wales.

Where does the name Hash House come from? The name Hash House comes from the nickname given, for its indifferent food, to the Selangor Club Chambers in Kuala Lumpur where, in the 1930’s, a number of bachelor expatriates lived. From there a running club of harriers chasing paper was founded and, apart from a break during the second world war, hashing continued in KL and eventually spread worldwide. Contact Information

Please contact us if you would like more information about Cardiff Hash House Harriers.